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Alternative Educational Setting Options

In order to provide options for our families during the COVID-19 pandemic, Central School District is offering two alternative programs in addition to on-site instruction.

Central Alternative Remote Education (CARE) Program is a learning platform for students whose families are seeking a bridge to returning to school due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This online program offers our students a structured education from a Central School District teacher while the student works remotely from home.  The online learning program is an option for families who can supervise and support their child’s online learning from home, but want learning facilitated by a credentialed teacher.  This program will be offered by Central School District for students who meet the requirements of Assembly Bill 77 (students who are medically fragile or would be put at risk by in-person instruction, or who are self-quarantining because of exposure to COVID-19) and until all restrictions due to COVID-19 are lifted. SPACE IS LIMITED


Central Homeschool Online Independent Course for Education (CHOICE) Program is a blended online learning program for students who are seeking flexible, individualized education with the parent serving as teacher.  This blended online program offers students a high-quality, tuition-free alternative to the traditional classroom-based learning experience through virtual classroom sessions.  CHOICE participants check in with a CHOICE Coordinator twice a month so that student progress can be monitored. SPACE IS LIMITED

What are the differences? CARE and CHOICE 


If you are interested in more information regarding either CARE or CHOICE and enrolling, please click the links below.

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