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CHOICE Enrollment


Welcome to enrollment information for the Central Homeschool Online Independent Course for Education (CHOICE) program.

To begin the enrollment process, please start with the screening questions to determine if CHOICE is a good fit for your family.  If your answers to the screening survey indicate that CHOICE will work for you and your child, please complete the Interest Survey.

CHOICE Interest Survey


Once your survey has been reviewed a CHOICE Coordinator will contact you to determine if CHOICE is the appropriate setting for your student and you will be asked to complete an intra-district transfer request and Participation Agreement.  The Participation Agreement outlines the conditions of enrollment in the CHOICE program.  If your child has an IEP, you will need to schedule an IEP meeting to secure a recommendation for CHOICE before the transfer can be approved.


At the beginning of the school year or after enrollment during the school year, an orientation meeting will be held to provide you with next steps for online program access and teacher assignment.