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Employee Annual Notifications


Each employee will receive an Annual Notification and Proof of Receipt & Acknowledgement form AND an Open Enrollment and Trainings  form via email each year.  Read the directions in the email carefully.  Please print these forms.  Below you will find the coordinating notifications.  You can find the Board policies on the Superintendent's page. 

Once you have read all the notifications and policies, sign and return your Annual Notification forms to your site Office Manager by the date specified on the forms. 

If you have any questions, please email JoAnne Pomierski in Human Resources at

Thank you.


Annual Notifications Handbook.pdf (PDF)

Pre-Designation Form -york.pdf (PDF)

CSD Employee Technology Acceptable Use Agreement Policy.pdf (PDF)

HIPAA notice 2018 CSEBA(1).pdf (PDF)


AB528 Important Information 2017-2018 CSEBA.pdf (PDF)

Special Enrollment Rights 2017-2018 CSEBA v2.pdf (PDF)

American Fidelity Interest Form.pdf (PDF)

Go365 Enrollment Form.pdf (PDF)



The Child Abuse Mandated Reporter Training California website team worked with the California Department of Social Services and the California Department of Education to develop a new online training for School Personnel. The new Mandated Reporter Training  for School Personnel will satisfy the requirements of AB 1432.

Followed by the general training module, the School Personnel module is a three hour training that includes eight sections.  Each section will include practice test questions or vignettes.

At the conclusion of the training you will take a final exam which will test the information that you have learned during the training.  Upon scoring an 80% or higher you will be able to fill out and print your Certificate of Completion.

1.  Please log onto:

2.  Scroll down and click "School Personnel"

3.  Scroll down and click "General Training"

When you finish, print out your Certificate of Completion and submit to HR.