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Common Core State Standard Resources

Please follow the link below for more Parent Resources from the California Department of Education

Common Core Information

common core state standards

Please follow the link below to view the Common Core State Standards by grade level.

State standards by grade level

Parent Common Core Resources

GreatKids State Test Guide for Parents

GreatSchools has developed a free online tool parents can use to understand their child’s new Smarter Balanced score report and find resources they can use to help at home. See how the tool works in the one-sheet (PDF) and please visit the California GreatKids State Guide for Parents Web site. Give it a try at the link below:

Great Schools


parent guides to the smarter balanced assessments

Mathematics Help for Parents

The California Math Council has an informative webpage for parents with many articles of interest.  "The articles provide insights into how students learn and specific advice parents and families can use when working with their children.  These articles are meant to increase parents' and guardians' knowledge of mathematics education and the new Common Core State Standards so they might better support their children's learning, both in school and at home." Please follow the link below to view these informative articles.

California Mathematics Council

Homework Help for Parents

Common Core State Standards (CCSS) Parent Information

Please follow the link below to view Common Core Parent Resources on the California Department of Education Website

Common Core Parent Resources

Common Core Parent Resources